To Kill a Mockingbird

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Siddharth Somasundaram


Period 3

Jem's Memory Box

Item #1: The Picture of Jem's Mother

Jem's mother died when he was very young, around the age of four or five. However, he still vaguely remembers her and has to be alone whenever he thinks about her. When Mrs. Dubose brutally abused Scout and Jem verbally, Jem managed to keep his temper in check and walk past her. However, when she said that his mother would be disappointed with the way Atticus brought up the children and she was thankful that she wasn't alive to see it, it was too much for him to handle. His mother was his breaking point and that was the only thing that Mrs. Dubose was able to use to get to Jem's emotions and self-control.

Item #2: Football magazines

This represents Jem's interest in playing football. Other than the mysteries of Boo Radley and the controversies of the Tom Robinson this seemed to be the only thing that could interest him.

After he broke his arm and recovered from his encounter with Bob Ewell, his left arm was somewhat shorter than his right and when he stood or walked, the back of his hand was at right angles to his body and his thumb was parallel to his thigh. However, he didn't mind too much because it had recovered enough so he would be able to pass and punt while playing football.

Item #3: The old Indian coins

Jem and Scout found out that it was Boo Radley who sent them the old Indian coins, along with many other gifts. It showed that Boo was trying to communicate with the two kids by passing along valuable items. When they saw these items in the tree, they realized that...