Kilmeney Of The Orchard By LM. Montgomery

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Neil Gordon played a small but important secondary role in a romantic novel, Kilmeney of the Orchard. He was the stepbrother of Kilemeney who was in love with her since the very day they met. Until, Eric, a young gentlemanly teacher, fell deeply in love with her also; and were soon planned to be married.

Neil fought desperately to get Kilmeney back. But unfortunately, he took matters into his own hands the bad way. He fought too hard, which led him to desperate murderous actions. Luckily, Eric was careful enough to get away and convence Neil how to deal with his jealousy.

Eric Marshall was a young teacher longing for a loved one. He lived in a smasll town, Wueenslea Span and would soon study medicine with his friedn, David Baker.

While waking home from a rough resentless day, Eric heard a lovely violen playing in an orchard not too far away.

To his suprise, there sat on a bench, a beautiful woman with long brown hair pulled up in braids playing the most beautiful sound. It was Kilmeney. They eventually became the most popular couple.

But unofortunately, Neil Gordon was madly in love with her alo, and soon aws desperately jealous. He planned to kill Eric with an axe and lure Kilmeney back into his arms. But Eric was quickenough to escape and convence Neil to overcome his jealousy.

As for Eric and Kilmeney, they eventually married and lived happily ever after.