Kind Lear

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I enjoyed the this text more than the previous of Oedipus Rex. It was a little hard to read, but it is not unlike other Shakespearian plays. It seemed to me that the plot was better and more interesting in this play.

I definitely think this text is worth discussing. Not just to understand what was really going on, but because it was an entertaining text to read. In class we have discussed how the reader knows that a character shouldn't do something, but we have no control over it. This writing technique is what makes the reader interested in the text. Its like a horror film and the dumb people in it. The reader or the viewer can't tell the character what to do or not to do. Although if we could there wouldn't be much of a horror film or in this case a tragedy. It would be taking away from the artistic talent of the writer.

King Lear is definitely literature. It teaches the reader and at the same time it entertains. The play was written this way because that is what the reader wanted to read. It may seem a little odd at this time, but it has been explained that people enjoyed reading plays written like this one.