King Arthur vs. Pellinore the chivalric code shown by both characaters by mundeazy

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Chivalry is defined as the qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women. The Chivalric code was developed by King Arthur and his knights in order to resolve problems in an honorable and respectful manner. Throughout Le Morte d'Arthur, it is very simple to distinguish the following of the chivalric code between King Arthur and Pellinore. Though King Arthur established the code, Pellinore is the ideal chivalric knight.

King Arthur and Pellinore's following of the chivalric code is totally different. It is very ironic that Pellinore, the ideal knight, is following a code made by someone who doesn't even follow it. Arthur's decision to send out young Griflet to battle Pellinore is a horrible decision, he didn't listen to Merlin's advice. Griflet had just been knighted by Arthur, and he was still inexperienced. By sending Griflet out to battle, he is jeopardizing the future of his kingdom.

On the other hand, Pellinore honors Griflet, for being brave and wanting to battle. He also shows courtesy towards Griflet, firstly he told Griflet that he shouldn't battle because he is too inexperienced, and secondly after wounding Griflet he sent him back to the castle. When Arthur and Pellinore joust, Pellinore showed courtesy and honor by telling Arthur he didn't want to fight the king, because he respected him. Arthur then started mocking him, and when Arthur fell in the joust he was quick to pickup his sword and try and kill Pellinore. Pellinore kept his composure, and displayed all the chivalric ideals. Ultimately, Arthur needed the help of Merlin so that he wouldn't get killed; this proves that Arthur does not follow the chivalric code.

Pellinore is the ideal chivalric knight he displays bravery, courtesy, and honor at all times. Arthur at times displays acts of chivalry,