King Midas and His Golden Touch- Reflective Essay

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King Midas and His Golden Touch

"…Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."

~ Stephan King

Have you ever asked for something even though you had plenty? Why do we always ask for more stuff? This is a deadly monster called greed and it lives inside of everyone. It's a never-satisfied monster that always wants to become wealthier, like King Midas. Greed can cause people to think of you very badly, just like I do towards King Midas. He's greedy, stupid and irresponsible, and a "blonde".

King Midas is a greedy bum: nothing more, nothing less. He was already rich and wealthy, but when he was granted a wish, he wanted everything that he touched to turn into gold. However, when he accidently touched his daughter, she had turned into a "worthless" lump of gold. When I was reading the story, I didn't feel bad for his loss at all; he brought it upon himself and he should pay for his greedy actions.

If he wasn't greedy and wished for everything that he touched to turn into gold, his daughter would never have died. The main reason I'm not even a tiny bit sympathetic is because I see this so much in my life and greedy people have already created such a negative image in my mind. I hate people like King Midas. Why couldn't they just take what they need and then leave the rest for others? Why do they have to take all of it and leave the "less fortunate" with nothing? This reminded of a girl that I know; K. She's pretty, smart, the perfect girl, but she had the worst attitude. She was dating E but she started to like S even though...