The Kings Days, The Fight of my life

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The Kings Days

The Days keep passing

yet they seem forever lasting

never ending but was there ever a beginning

To start this end to bring this pain

the pain of waiting

for something old to happen

to seem new but roughly translated

into a stereo phonic sound

from the wisdom of a king without a crown

the power lost and missed

so obsessed with power again

caring for one

but not even himself

nor the love of this life

but his past self

the power hungry king

that was always missing something

but not power, it was love

The Fight of my life

A new hope for sanity

something that leads me so blindly

wishing to see whats already there

blinding myself from all of reailty

to stop the feeding from deep within

the one who brings it out from deep inside

the one who has all the power I give them

and leaves me there waiting for the bleeding to start

once it starts I want to feed

on the slaves of this world so commonly called humans

the ones who call themselfs strong and proud

the ones who die within their own eyes

I try to fight with all my might

but its no use why should I try

I fight the hunger just a little longer

but next time I don't think I can stop it

from feasting on your blood

the one I promised I wouldn't eat

here it goes a deep long lasting sleep