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Nazeema Sattaur

Mr. James

English Research


How can knowledge be destructive once it is in the "wrong hands"?

We gain knowledge everyday and everywhere we go we learn something new. Some of us use the knowledge we have as good and as bad and it can be safe or dangerous. Knowledge is neutral. It can be put to some good use, bad use, or no use at all. It is up to individuals, institutions to decide how they want to use knowledge that is available to them. I believe, that we can fight inappropriate use of knowledge only by developing and spreading a higher level of knowledge which enables us to distinguish between right and wrong, and good and bad, and which inspires us to follow the right path in face of desire for immediate personal benefits.

When knowledge is in the wrong hands it can be destructive by, for example the person who invented bombs people today use bombs war or in other stuff and sometimes for no reason, these bombs kill people, animal damage buildings, houses etc.

Won't it better if we never know about bombs and how to make them? This is in an example of how knowledge can be use when it is in the wrong hands. Knowledge can cause irreparable harm in the hands of a certain person who know how to unleash their damaging abilities. Even a piece of paper can be use to write horrible things or used as kindling to burn somebody alive in the hands of somebody who wants to use it to do harm. Knowledge is destructive when the person decides to use it to harm someone or something.

Knowledge is neither indicates as good or bad, or dangerous or safe. Rather it is what ones do with the...