Latitude and leniency: A winning war for the oldies

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Although you may think that the adolescents of today have changed from how they used to be in the past, it is in actual fact the people who how children look to for guidance that has changed. Nowadays, parents have become more tolerant and open-minded to new ideas, compared to the parents of their own generation. Their views and attitudes have considerably transformed over time where they are beginning to adapt to the new modern lifestyle.

If we look around at the world that we have today, it is full of troublesome issues that teenagers must continually face in their daily lives. Adolescents will always need someone to point them in the right direction when they encounter these obstacles. Many different things influence children when they are young and they look up to their parents and family, as they are becoming young adults. Additionally, the media influences adolescents through news and advertisements, whilst peers on the other hand; influence them by setting an example for how to treat others.

Although parents may not be with their children all of the time, they are the ones that ultimately influence in the decisions that they make.

Parents guide adolescents through their early years in life, and put them on the path that they will follow as they are maturing. Parents and their teachings determine how a child reacts to different situations that they face throughout adolescence. For example, when a child is pressured to do drugs they should be able to remember what their parents taught them, and be able to make the right decision. Children's actions towards their friends are similar to their parent's actions towards them. When a parent treats their child with respect the child will learn to treat their parents and others with respect. Parents who treat...