Leadership and Management

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Businesses today thrive on the ability of the leaders and managers within the organization. A company's empowerment of strong leaders and managers can be evident in how successful an organization is. Although management and leadership tend to be synonymous, they are in reality two different concepts. A person can be a good leader but if he does not know how to manage a company that company will be destined to fail. Also, even though a person might have good management skills, no matter how good he or she is, if he or she cannot lead employees towards the goals of the organization it will end up as a failed attempt at success.

Managers have a responsibility to both the organization they work for and the people that work for them. Therefore, managers must not only be leaders but they must possess a sense of authority to be successful. The best managers respond to situations according to company policy.

They have a set of rules that must be followed and breaking the rules is most often accompanied with severe consequences. This can make it difficult for managers to obtain loyalty from their subordinates as employees may feel as though their manager is not standing up for them, when really the manager is just abiding by company policy.

Great managers will posses qualities of both managing and leading. It takes a leader to keep subordinates inspired to perform at their best, but it takes a manager to keep employees within company boundaries. Leaders tend to push the envelope and overstep boundaries, while managers create them. An individual that can find a mid-point between both management and leadership will be extremely successful. The people are what makes up a business and without their motivation the business will fail. These people, however, must also...