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On the most exciting and memorable time of my lifte was when my son Leslie A. Taylor graduated from Miles College. This event was and still is an important event in our family. Les was the first born grandchild and the first grandchild to finish college. Matter of fact he accomplished something that neither my siblings or I accomplished.

Les has always been a quiet child and I never thought he would be the one to stand out and lead the family into higher education. During junior high and high school days he struggle with school and some bad choices. Les never like doing homework or studying and always tried to find ways to get out doing them. As a matter fact Les went to summer school from the ninth grade to his senior year. School to his was not important and I promised him and myself that he would graduate no matter what it would take.

He was stubborn and headstrong and so was I.

Growing up Les father was not a part of his life. After the age of 5 Les did not see his father again until he was 17 years old. His father did make any attempt to see him but I never said anything negative about him. When we would go home to Alabama for visit my family would let his father know we were coming but for some reason he would not be around.

When Les was in the sixth and seventh grade he got into sports and I thought that would help. Basketball was his favorite sport at that time and he seem to enjoy it and his grades started improving. The coach was a strong infulence in life and he had a policy that if you were not doing well in class you could not play. After basketball he started playing little league football.

When Les turned sixteen things really started to change. He got his first job during the summer and his attitude was different. He became more stubborn and challenging . When he was seventeen his father decided he wanted to see him. They met and talked and spent some time together going shopping and to sporting events. At this time Les decided he did not want to go to school and he said that I was to hard on him. I told him that if he did not go to school he Les then decided he wanted to live with his father