Lessons for ebenezer scrooge in a christmas carol

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12 November 2013

Lessons for Scrooge

Even the rudest people could change if they are reminded of what life and love is about (HK). In Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," this happens to Ebenezer Scrooge (TR). Marley's Ghost and the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come all attempt to make Scrooge a better person (TH).

Marley, Scrooge's business partner who has been dead for seven years, is now being noticed by Scrooge, and spends the little time he has in Scrooge's home to tell Scrooge how to save himself (TS). After Marley convinces Scrooge that it is he, Marley tells Scrooge "it is required… [to] walk abroad his fellow men, and travel far and wide" or that Scrooge will be "doomed to wander through the world" when he is dead (13) (CD#1). Marley tells Scrooge to make sure that what happened to him wont happen to Scrooge (CM#1).

When they are talking about Marley's travels, Marley tells Scrooge that Scrooge's spirit "will find its mortal life too short for its vast means of usefulness" if he doesn't go beyond his business (14) (CD#2). Marley is trying to encourage Scrooge to not be so selfish and to do more than just work, such as spend time with his family (CM#2). Before Marley leaves, he says that "[he] [is] [there] to warn [Scrooge]" so Scrooge has a chance to not end up like Marley (15) (CD#3). Marley does not want Scrooge to end up like he, but wants Scrooge to have chance and hope (CM#3).

When Scrooge awoke, he found himself face to face with a strange figure - the Ghost of Christmas Past, who was there to make Scrooge feel regret by bringing Scrooge to happy scenes...