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I my country, my people believe that people who are thirty or forty are too old to have children. They think that twenty is the best age because the mother and the father are healthy and strong and can give the children the best care. In my opinion, taking care of children requires a lot of life experience, time, and money, which come when people are thirty or forty.

My parents were twenty-four when I was born, and they had little money. When I was a young child, I saw my father only on weekends because he worked all the time. My mother stayed at home and took care of the house and the children but she was also so busy that she never had time to spend with us. She almost never played with us because she had a million things to do: she cooked for us, cleaned the house, washed dishes, and did the laundry; she even made some of our clothes.

When they were in their twenties, neither of my parents understood that giving us attention and love was more important than making money or cleaning the house. In my opinion, they lacked the experience and mutuality to understand what was important for raising children.

Now that my parents are over forty they have the money they needed when they were young. How they do not have to run and hurry, and they have free time but the children are growth and do not live with the parents. I think it is sad that now when they have time and money, they do not have children to give the time to and spend the money on.

Young people who are still trying to become established and who do not have a great deal of time, money, and understanding of what their children really need should delay having children until they have the necessary recourses and maturity.