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Osita 5

September 20, 2014

TO: DR Jenkins

FROM: Ajoko Osita

Re: Reflections on the third draft of essay #1

The corrections you gave to me regarding to the previous draft of the narrative essay was quite helpful, I believe I have used those corrections to start an entirely new draft about the essay. I have decided to change the literacy development essay entirely with a different approach. Instead of writing about how I got the knowledge of reading and writing in English, I decided to write about my literacy history of my native language. Please I would like to know which one of them is more satisfactory, and what I still need to do to perfect the write-up. Thank you.

Ajoko Osita

Dr Jenkins

EN110 13

September 20, 2014

A Knowledge Not Forgotten

Of all the wonderful lessons my Mother and Grand mom tutored me on, the one that I've valued the most was the knowledge of speaking my native language- Igbo.

Growing up so far away from my native land had its advantage and disadvantage towards me, but I didn't get to experience the negative effect of the disadvantage until I turned 16. As a native of the Igbo tribe, I was expected to be very fluent in speaking and understanding, and moreover, my father was a well-known chief in my community, so it would seriously be a blow to his face if one if his children couldn't speak his native language, It would also be a blow to me, because, I was like the child other children looked up to in my community, and as well as my father, I was also supposed to address them. The only problem was that I wasn't able to speak my language at all, I didn't know even the simplest...