Life As A Youngster

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Have you ever observed a situation similar to this? You are in a toy store and a little boy goes running to his mother with a doll, probably whining, "I want this mommy, I want this." Usually, the mother looks at the doll, and then decides not to make the purchase. The story changes a bit if the little boy picks up a toy gun or an action figure; the mother will buy it. What might be the reason for this you ask? As Barrie Thorne states, "The social construction of gender is an active and ongoing process, as suggested by one sort of dictionary entry under "play": "action, activity, operation"; "actively engaged or employed" (Thorne pg.4)." This statement suggests that the idea we have of what boys and girls are supposed to be, is something that has been incorporated into our brains for a long time.

Her book is an empirical challenge for empirical identities.

It's the process of social interaction in which individuals find their gender meanings (a set of social dynamics). Women have always been discouraged to play with guns, while boys are looked down upon for trying to comb a Barbie doll's hair.

From the time a baby is born, "the long process of the gender role" begins. If it is a little boy, they are given a blue hat and blanket while a girl is given pink. This is an example of gender roles, because pink is supposed to be nice and soft (which represent femininity).

Another example would be picking out a card for the mother of the new baby. The cards for girls usually have flowers, teddy bears, or kittens on it. However, the cards for boys have either a Baseball, a Basketball, or some kind of sport on it, and if...