Light at the end of the tunnel

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Failed again! This is the story of Billy Naidoo who didn't ever seem to understand what was happening in Maths. He never paid attention in class. In order to finish his homework, he would always copy his friend's work. Billy realised in Grade 10 that if he continued the way he was he would be a failure. One day he saw the light at the end of the tunnel because from this day onwards he changed his vision and dedicated himself to Maths which led him to be a successful person in life.

Firstly, he started to go for tuition in order to understand the basics of Maths. He knew that, tuition would be the first step in the right direction. This helped him understand the foundations of Maths. His second step in the right direction was to pay attention completely to whatever the teacher had to say.

This helped Billy to understand what was happening in Maths. His third step was always to complete extra homework. Whenever the teacher would give ten examples, he would complete twenty. Even though he had to suffer and lose precious free time, he was determined to change. This helped in showing whether Billy knew the new section or not. His final step was to be determined and never to lose hope.

As months passed Billy noticed that the work seemed to be easier and easier. He also noticed that his marks were getting better and better. From an F, he was now getting A's. In Matric, Billy came out in the top five in Maths in his country and received his award from the Minister of his country. Whenever he is reminded about his past, he always says, why didn't I start earlier?

Billy is now one of the...