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Lisbon is the greatest city to live in Europe. It is different from other cities in Europe because it possesses certain characteristics that no other city in Europe has. This is the most comfortable city I have ever lived in because every person who live in Portugal has a good quality of life, nice appealing, incredible culture and reliable society.

First, the people who live in the Lisbon have a good quality of life. For example, The weather of Lisbon is pleasant. Basically it has mild weather. Actually people don't need to worry about the extreme weather which will impact people's lives. On the other hand, the goods in Lisbon are nice. For instance, their food all have high qualities so that people living in Lisbon don't need to be frightened with the safety of food. And typically there is not junk food like hamburgers, French fires. So most of the foods are healthy.

Basically the transportation in Lisbon is developed and convenient. People can go many different, important places by subway. For example, If someone wants to go to Cascais from Sintra, someone just needs to search the time online and buy the ticket which is relatively cheap.

Secondly, it is appealing, engaging to visit the streets in Lisbon since the trails of culture are on every building which has distinctive style of architecture. Many of tourists who traveled to Lisbon were attracted when they walked around the streets of Lisbon. Besides this, Lisbon is a cultural, historical city as well. For example, they had a strongest navy 200 years ago. And when someone goes to the museums of Lisbon, someone will see how developed, flourishing navy that Portugal had. It will make people excited and shocked. Typically the culture in Lisbon is one of the best...