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This is probably one of my favourite CD's of all time.

It has so many of Nirvana's greatest hits. I think (and I'm probably the only one) that Nirvana is a lot like Marilyn Manson in many ways. They completely created a new genre, and have the largest modern cult followings. Nirvana totally brought grunge to the world, and Manson brought us Alternative Music.

Real ALTERNATIVE, as in the other choice.

Anyways. On with the listening report. This was the second last CD that Nirvana released before Kurt Cobain (the lead singer, and one of my idols) O.D.'d on a LOT of crack and shot himself. The songs on this CD are really about how much Cobain hates the world, but some of the lyrics tell me that he really wants everything to stop. I think the true meaning of the Song, Heart Shaped Box, is that he just wants to stop performing, and go home and forget about all his fame, his money, his somewhat disturbing lyrics, and all of his touring.

Heart Shaped Box is the second most popular Nirvana Song ever released. Although Kurt only really used 3 simple chords in all of his songs, that would make him that much more of a creative guy. He managed to come up with 5 or 6 CD's full of original stuff with only 3 chords. He was an amazing guitarist, he just never felt like going nutz and putting on a real show for the world. He just wanted to sing his songs to get the pain out of him, and then people would leave him alone. Instead of leaving him alone, millions flocked to see him perform live at one of his 200 shows a year. This made him think that people thrived on others pain, and he felt like a guinea pig, this eventually threw him over the edge and he killed himself. With all the guy went through (I'm taking a wild stab in the dark with a song called, "Rape Me" that he was raped) lived with an abusive mother, and so on. It never ended for the guy all his life. His songs all revolved around this, and can often be rather depressing. His music is also unforgettable.

Ask Geoff & Andrew to play "Teen Spirit" and anyone listening will recognise the tune. Kurt Cobain left us with many good tunes, and millions of memories.