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24 October 2014

Section H Lara Galas

The Tattooed Soldier

Still on his knees, Longoria was weeping in front of his amor, tightly wrapping his arms around Reginalda's waist. Noticing his weak stature, Reginalda asked Longoria if something was wrong. After a prolonged silence between the two, she calmly stated "Tell me, you can tell me," reassuring Longoria that his amor was there for him.

As Longoria's face was engulfed by her stomach, he longed to stay with her, tracing every beat of her heart. Despite the noisy commotion going on outside, he needed to muster the courage to tell her everything. Everything about who he really was. Everything about his past actions. Everything about what made him a soldier. The words didn't come to him at that instance. Reginalda noticed the expression on his face. It appeared as if he had something to say - as if he was ready to spill the beans.

He started with a deep sigh, ready to reveal and unleash the real monster he was. "Reginalda," he said. "Yes, mi amor? What is wrong?" she replied.

"I don't know how to say this, but I'm a Jaguar."

A face of disorientation formed on her face, "A Jaguar? What is that?"

"I was a death squad soldier under Guatemala's government. They assigned me to kill helpless peasants at a small village and I, without hesitation, went through with it."

She was speechless, although still holding him against her stomach. "So this is why you were acting funny. I was worried about your arm, but now that you break this to me, I, I… oh mi amor. I was about to say that you could suffer. Suffer without me because I've had enough. I wish...