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The Results of Literature in our Lives In our modern day society there are many pieces of literature that provide an essential and practical perspective on life. This allows the reader to understand things in their own day to day activities from diverse angles. There are many novels that may offer a unique or alternative perception towards certain situations that reflect the author's propositions. Depending on the person and how open they allow the door to imagination be, will decide whether literature will be a changing factor in their lives or will it remain merely words written on a page.

Margaret Atwood portrays our historic family structure in many of her books based on female characters. The female characters (Marian, Offred etc.) in her novels often accept life's circumstances and the hands that they were dealt with as being women in society. In The Edible Woman, Atwood portrays women as victims who need to overcome the controlling male figures in their lives, and illustrates her views through changes in narrative point of view.

The Edible woman is a more simple, sequential storyline, I being a male living in today's society felt that I could never relate to books like these, The Edible Woman gives proof to this theory of dominance and submission. Hunters are used to symbolize the male in the relationship and the female is viewed as the scared rabbit who is pray for it's devoted hunter. Atwood writes in first person singular using her main female characters; I being the reader got a chance as a male to enter the women's state of mind and understand things from there point of view. The simple things we as males took no time to think of as being hurtful or uncomfortable, are the same things that women see as...