Literary Connections: New Moon by Stephanie Meyers.

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Often time in literature an author will make his characters universal; this means he will allow us to relate to his characters and their experiences. I, personally, find myself quite similar to Bella Swan from Stephenie Meyers’s book, New Moon. I find myself caught in the book, as if I was Bella who had just moved to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. After reading this book about family, friendship, love, and secrets, I found out just how universal Bella truly is. That is, after all, why I felt such a strong connection between her and I.

Bella is a young teenager who has many problems like those of an average girl her age. Like me, she tends to worry about the wrong things and lose track of her main priorities. Bella spent so much time wishing and worrying that her boyfriend, Edward, would turn her into a vampire that she forgot about all her family and friends that she would have to leave behind.

Most teens are like this nowadays; we spend so much time worrying about the little things, like appearance, that we often push our homework and studies aside. The similarities and connections between Bella and I are countless. Stephenie Meyers truly does capture the teenage essence, allowing the readers to relate to Bella.

Along with her problems, I feel connected to Bella’s joys. She behaves like the typical love struck-teenager. Her boyfriend just happens to be a gorgeous vampire, but if one looks beyond the science fiction, they can see the beauty and intensity of young love. I find myself in the same teenage boy craze. Though I have not met the love of my life, I understand what it is like to spend time thinking about a particular boy. In the same way she wants her...