Literature review on building team effectiveness

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1. Team definition

According to Daft (1999), team is a collection of people contains with more than one individual that are working together in the term of interaction and coordination in workplace to achieve a common goal. It commonly consists of less than fifteen people but can also form in a larger amount. The members are required to have a regular interaction in order to work out the project together. This means everyone in a team should share ideas in accomplishing a specific task or project to reach the goal. The concept in a team involve in sharing work and collective responsibility.

2. Team member selection

Teams have different functions and objectives; therefore it is important to select the team members. From the organization's perspective, it has a preference to select the member based on the personal characteristic, ability, skill, and willingness. To form the high performance team and professional team, there are requirement to have the qualify member with clear understandable personality and expectations.

The selection is based on personal capability, knowledge, and certain professional qualification degree. A professional team usually requires high personal commitment in order to achieve the goals as well as member's development and successfulness (Robbins, 2001). Moreover, all members have to be able to cohere with the team spirit in order to form problem-solving team, self-managed work team, cross-functional team or virtual team. These results in the importance of hiring qualify people with high effort and capability in building a team.

3. Key points in building effective team2

The organization must firstly set clear goals, then try to support the team to go for small wins, each member have to increase common trust between each other, accountability and set up a sense of general purpose. Responsibility to share knowledge that relates to the project and...