Little Red Riding Hood

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There was a young boy called Red. It was a good name, because everything he wore was red – his K-Swiss Trainers were red, his New York cap was Dark red, his t-shirt was a deep crimson and even his hair had bright red tips. He was a cheeky orphan, who didn’t obey the rules; he was rather mature but still quite arrogant. He lived in the middle of a city a big city - the busiest place in the world, it was called New London and it was in the south of England. In the mornings it was crowded with university students because it had the largest University with the highest standards in the country, but at nights it was loaded with drunks and troublemakers, because beside the gigantic University there resides many clubs and bars. However, it was still a rather safe place, except for one back alley, which was behind Hell Street and Dooms Lane.

This alley wasn’t very busy but this is where trouble would always occur, and this was due to one reason and one reason only this was the lair of The Big Bad Drunk and his clan.

This guy was terrible. He wore black ripped tracksuit bottoms, an old Berghaus Jacket and a pair of Nike trainers with a lace missing on one trainer. He stank of booze. His hair was jet black and he had a big round, red nose, and massive lips. He was aware of Red and had been watching him in the city centre for weeks now. He knew, for instance, that Red’s foster mum – who was old enough to be a grandmother - has a fortune and lots of expensive jewellery and items in her household.

Despite this, Red did not like his foster mum because he...