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Once upon a time, when the world was young, and magical energies ran through the air unrestricted, there lived a magician mother and her three daughters. The daughters were all extravagantly beautiful, each being loved greatly by their mother. Each would wear a different set of colours. The eldest wore blue, the second wore yellow, and the youngest wore red. They were called respectively, Blue Hood, Yellow Hood, and Red Hood.

One day, their magician mother received news that her mother, the three girls' granny, was feeling quite sick. So she boiled and toiled for three days, and made a magic potion from the purest mountain spring, along with a bite of enchanted bread which will rejuvenate the poor, sick, grandmother. She put the bread and potion in a basket, and bade the eldest daughter to carry it to her granny's place. Before Blue Hood set out, the magician mother warned her to not talk to any strangers outside lest they tempt her with false promises and lure her away from the main road.

So Blue Hood set out happily, skipping along the shiny golden road, and started picking glowing mushrooms on the side of the road. Very soon she forgot all about her mother's warnings, and followed the trail of mushrooms to a dark place, where a man in shaggy grey robes sat on the dusty kerb.

"Hail there, Blue Hood!" said the man.

"Hail to you too, Sir!" said Blue Hood.

"Where are you going to, Blue Hood?" said the man.

"I am going to my grandmother's," said Blue Hood.

"What are you carrying in your basket?"

"A magical potion made from the clearest mountain spring, and a bite of enchanted bread. My grandmother is sick, and this will restore her health."

The man in the shaggy...