La Llorona

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My grandmother once told me a true story that occurred to her when she was about 10 years old. It was in the early 1950's in Guadalajara, Mexico. A lady by the Maria Guadalupe Hernandez didn't want or like children. She ended up having 3 children of her own. They say they ranged from ages 5-12 years of age when she killed them.

One day Maria decided to go take a bath in the lake near her home. She took her 3 children with her. When she got to the lake she started to realize how fed up she was with the responsibilities of being a mother. Maria started thinking. Finally she came up with an idea. Maria called her 3 children to come into the water with her. Farther into the lake it was very deep. The children could barely touch the ground when they reached her. One by one they started to drown.

Maria ran out of the lake and ran home as fast as she could. She finally reached her house and sat and down. She realized she really did love and care about them. Maria quickly ran back to the lake to see if she could spot any of her children. They're little bodies had disappeared and never found.

Maria Guadalupe died a month later if grief after the incident occurred. She has been called "The Crier" or "La Llorona" in Spanish. People say her soul travels all over the world looking for her long lost children. Even to this day she still hasn't found them