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Qualitative and Quantitative Research: How to Choose the Best Design

Greg L. Lowhorn

Regent University


It is often difficult to choose between quantitative and qualitative research design. At times, a researcher may choose a design because he or she is more familiar with one method or the other or a colleague recommends a particular design. However, our research will be more helpful if we make our decision based on well-considered, suitable design rather than simply choosing a design that is more familiar or comfortable to the researcher. The purpose of this paper is to introduce graduate students and new researchers to quantitative and qualitative research design and to help them choose the best method based on the type of information needed and analytical capability.

Quantitative Design & Analysis

Quantitative Research establishes statistically significant conclusions about a population by studying a representative sample of the population.� The population consists of the entire group being studied.

It does not matter if the population is broad or narrow, only that it includes every individual that fits the description of the group being studied.

Since it is impractical to conduct a census (include everyone in the population) because of constant turnover and resource constraints, a representative sample is chosen from the population. If chosen properly, the sample will be statistically identical to the population and conclusions for the sample can be inferred to the population.�

Quantitative research usually is one of two types: experimental or descriptive. Experimental research tests the accuracy of a theory by determining if the independent variable(s) (controlled by the researcher) causes an effect on the dependent variable (the variable being measured for change).� Often, surveys, correlation studies, and measures of experimental outcomes are evaluated to establish causality within a credible confidence range.

Descriptive research measures the sample at...