Lord Of The Flies

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LORD OF THE FLIES By William Golding This story begins with an airplane shot down. The remaining children swim to an island in shark infested waters. A boy named Ralph found a friend named "Piggy". Ralph's new friend discovered a conch. Ralph blew in to it like a horn and the shell made a loud sound that summoned all the children of the island.

They selected Ralph as chief and Jack in charge of the hunters. As a group they had an assembly every day. Jack lead his hunters into the jungle to hunt, but kept coming back empty handed. Ralph, with help, made shelters that were unstable.

Jack came up with idea of camouflage. Jack asked help from the kids who kept the fire burning. When the hunters came back they were happy because they had killed a pig. Ralph was upset because the fire went out and there was a ship.

Jack and Ralph quarreled and were upset at each other for the rest of the time on the island.

There was a sighting of some kind of beast. In the morning they went to hunt it instead found a stone fortress. The hunters wanted to live there but Ralph said no.

Later, Jack got really mad at Ralph. Simon pushed a boulder and it hit Piggy, sending him forty feet down landing on a rock and killing him. There was a war between them all.

In the end Jack died and a ship came to the island. The captain of the ship entered the island and was surprised to see the kids fighting. At the sight of an adult the kids realized what they were doing and stopped in awe. The captain took the children home.

This story was boring the first few chapters, but, then it got going and there was a lot of action and suspense. I was surprised with the graphic detail.