Lord Of The Flies

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To Principal, The time spent on the island was the worst experience of my life. I just stood there and watched everyone turn into savages. Jack started it. Jack started it all. From the first week he was against me and what I tried to do to get the island a decent place to live. I tried to make the island a decent place to be but, Jack had a little rebellion and made all the other kids on the island do the opposite of what I told them to do.

The plane crashed into the ocean on the way home from our holiday, so we had to swim to shore. We found an island and swam to it. When we made it to the island, we all scattered around the island. The next morning I got everyone together by blowing on a horn. When everyone was paying attention to me, I held an election to see who would be the leader.

They all chose me unanimously. The next two to three days were good until Jack started to disobey me and go hunt for food instead of make a shelter so we could sleep in it. Soon after that he had a small following of supporters. By the end of the week, he moved out of the camp and he and all the other "hunters" made their own camp on the other side of the island. After that, they turned on Piggy and me. Piggy was the only one who did not leave and go with them. They taunted us, they crept up to us at night, and they stole Piggy's glasses. We had no chance of leaving there alive if we did not go and talk to them. So we did. They started throwing rocks at us, small at first, then a big one, it hit Piggy right in the middle of the head and killed him instantly. He did not stand a chance. I ran. I ran because I knew they were after me next. I hid, but they kept finding me. So I ran to the beach, and I saw a man in a military uniform standing on the beach. I was saved. I knew they were going to kill me. They had a look in their eyes that said, "Were going to get you." When they saw the man standing there they stopped and stared at him.

So, I hope this gave you an insight into what really went on on the island.

Yours truly, Ralph.