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The lord of the flies is a dramatic story because we see normal kids take a big change from good to evil. The main characters in the book are Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Roger, and Simon. The story talks about kids surviving a plane crash and trapped, trying to survive on an uninhabited island, in the middle of the ocean. We see how some the children turned evil because of the power they had and some of these children were Jack and Roger the hunters.

Jack was shown as an evil character, and he was the leader of the hunters on the island. In the story the author sir William Golding showed us how Jack was evil through his use of symbolism. In the book we saw how Jack and his hunters tracked down a pig and violently killed it. The author used symbolism to show how evil jack was when he killed the pig "found the throat and the hot blood spouted all over his hands" (Golding 149).

This symbolism, the blood on the hands, represented Jack's savage instinct. Jack represents the evil in all people not only in himself. This use of symbolism is effective because it represents a turning point as the boys become more evil and is able to kill. Jacks henchmen Roger is represented as symbolically evil as well.

Roger is represented as more evil then jack, he doesn't have a conscience he just acts violently towards others. Roger, acting with "delirious abandonment" pushed a bolder onto Piggy's head at the meeting at castle rock. The symbol of Roger pushing the bolder onto Piggy showed us how cruel and blood thirsty Roger was, even more so then Jack. Roger's murder of Piggy was committed just as easily as when the hunters killed the pig, as Golding...