"The lost boy" by Dave Pelzer: Book Report.

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"The Lost Boy," sequel to "A Child Called It," is a story about a boy, Dave Pelzer, who is now in foster care after being rescued from his abusive, alcoholic mother. The story takes place in Daly City California and fallows his search for the love of a family from ages twelve to eighteen. In this story Dave experiences the instability of moving in and out of multiple foster homes, as well as bringing us along on his journey through life. The book also shows the unique love and dedication that social services and foster families provide for the children in peril.

Before the book begins to talk about his journey through foster care, it gives a glimpse of his life before being rescued while he was still in the care of his mother. Through the first chapter of this book it shows how Daves mother was an alcoholic, how she was abusive, and how she probably had mental problems considering that she thought the abuse was ok.

It also talked about how she was very controlling, Dave wasn't allowed to speak unless she said he could, nor could he move a muscle without her permission. To give an example of her controlling behavior here is a passage from on incident, "suddenly mother reaches over and seizes my right ear, by accident I flinch, with her free hand mother punishes my movement with a solid slap to my face," "who told you to move?" "Mother sneers." at the beginning of the book it also gives examples of some "games," as Dave called them, that his mother and him would play. One of the games, "the game of address," in which he had to stand exactly three feet in front of her, with his hands glued to his sides, his...