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The word love is a word that means an intense affection for another person based on familial or personal ties. I do agree with this definition of love but love is different for me. To me love is unconditional and has no limitations. Love can make the person with coldest heart smile again. Love can make a person feel happy because so much joy enters that person's life. Love can also be sad because it hurts when you're broken up with a mate you have loved for so long. To feel love for somebody or something is the ultimate high because if it happens to you for the first time you have found apart of yourself that you didn't believe existed. Love is the most priceless treasure that life can afford us. Love is a song that threads its way through our lives from beginning to end. It weaves in and out of our lives.

Love can make to close friends become lovers. Love is an undying feeling a person will have for someone long after there gone. Love is when you long to hear your mate's voice. Love is when all you want to do is be by the person you love no matter what state they're in. Love is a funny, tingling feeling that rushes through your body as you hold your mates hand. Being rich in love and not money can help any couple get through the hard times. Love is a feeling of benevolence, kindness, or brotherhood towards others. Love can be found between two neighbors and respect for other people. Love can also be an intense emotional attachment towards a pet or a treasured object. When you love a pet to the point that you would do anything for it, that is love. A treasured...