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Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Nature and the Human Experience "Nature is truly humankind's best friend in the world because it provides for us when we are sick and feeds us when we are hungry," is what many people think of when they think of nature, but to say this denies the very essence of what nature is. Nature is not some sort of object or person some one can go to to receive what he or she needs at that moment. Nature is more like an essence that an object or person holds. Yes, I did say a person could have this essence because people are just as big a part of nature as the trees and the rocks and the birds. This essence is what one feels when one is in what many humans perceive as nature, which is the physical and tangible world. The essence that I am talking about is the essence of life, for without the essence of life, nature would never be what it is today, and many would just perceive it as being there and having no use except as a place to get materials to make objects for personal use.

But, this belief in what nature is, which is my belief, creates a paradox about the relationship between man and nature. My belief, put into simpler terms, is that without a certain essence of life, nature would seem dead and pointless to man except for its basic uses in life, but since nature does have this certain essence that makes it alive and beautiful, man should see it for its beauty and not just for its practical uses, this is where the paradox comes in. If nature has this certain essence that I am talking about, then why do many people ignore natures...