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Love is a simple word to pronounce only four letters, and one syllable. Sure, it sounds like plain word but the meaning behind this word has a weight on almost everyone’s life. Love is a feeling that is so strong it has a life changing affect on people’s lives. It can affect one‘s life positively or negatively. Love has weighed a toll on our lives but has also made us feel content. All persons have experienced love in some form at some point of their lives.

When a child is born and is brought into a household this baby is surrounded by love from its parents, family members, and friends . This love is what creates a child, it helps a child grow. Love stimulates a baby, this love is positive. The love a child is given is the strongest love a person can give. Until you have had a child you do not understand this kind of love.

But, the love a parent has for their child is definitely life changing because a child is a life commitment.

When two people are in a committed relationship there is always the possibility for love. A relationship can grow to the point where the two do fall in love. This kind of love can be positive but there is also the possibility for this love to become negative. When a person falls in love everything changes in their life, the way they act, think, and approach situations changes. Thefeeling makes people ecstatic therefore their perception on life tends to become jolly. This happiness usually makes reactions more calm and rational. The two people in the relationship love spending time together. . They enjoy each others company and try and make as many memories as possible. In a relationship, with love comes...