Love You I Will Not

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Bind me

Thumb to thigh

Push me

Head in river yon

Drag me name by

But love you I will not.

Since of dawn

Till break of dusk

Push me on till break I must

Still love I will you not

Stab me with needles

Wound me with names

Feed me with seeds of shame

Till purple I turn in disgrace

Love you even then, I will not

Poison me with lips of thine

Those vibes that do burn hearts

Promise to me the world

Within the fold of thine

Still will love you not

Sing to me o lovely one

Filleth me ears

With sweet wonders

Till one may wonder

If one liveth or died

Would still love you not

Drapes of grey may hang the day

As fall I may at the curves thee display

Horizons may merge & break I may

Bent for the 'mount of body thee parade

But love you even then I will not

Curses may effect

Anger may quell

At the moment of breath

A life may be staved

With or without a butchers blade

But love you I will not

Days may spent hid from sun

Veiled at rear of vicious cloud

While yearn may tree for light

Such may stay till I speak of love

To the likes of thine

But better death I say

'Fore love you I will not