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Explain the nature of groups and group behavior within organizations:

4.1.1. Nature of groups

Formal group:

A group formed by the organization to perform a particular task is called a formal group. Leaders may be chosen within the group, but are typically given authority by the organization (BPP, 2004 pg.230). The group was formally created to achieve specific objectives and related organizations with the coordination of work operations. Each member of the group has identified the role and nature of job duties to be done is a key feature of the group. In some organizations, formal group may be strict to follow. This form allows the fairness and clearly in the role. After dissolution of the group mission, the task group members continue to be members of their departments or groups of commands with tasks are reduced. In the case of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett is a very realistic and simplicity leader.

He often goes out to eat ice cream at lunch with his colleagues; he also talks about personal things about himself to them to be able to understand each other better. Benefits are great; management and front office go above the norm in making it an enjoyable place to work." (Glassdoor.com, nd). Based on Berkshire Hathaway organizational structure, the high level of group include a Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Vice Chairman, follow by many lower department have the same function such as general administrative, sales that would be run by a director. Take a typical example, with 4 departments: Geico, CFO, Equity and Investment Management, Mr. Charles Munger takes responsibility for departments (Scenario)

informal group

Unlike formal group, an informal group is a group of people inadvertently be familiar with one another to improve their personal because they have some general characteristics and interests. The...