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REPORT 1. Title: Making the Marine Corps 2. Cpl Solomon T. Patrick Ground Electronics Mobile Division 3. Author: Thomas E. Ricks 4. Publisher: Scriber 5. Published: 1997 6. Number of Pages: 309 7. Cost: $24.00 8. My opinion of this book is that every Marine should read it. It must be read more than once to appreciate it. What the book is saying. I do not agree with the author on most of his points and believe the average civilian, who has no experience with military, will have a false picture of the Marine Corps. I think this book should be added to the U.S. Marine Reading List for all ranks.

9. INTRODUCTION: My book report is on "Making the Corps" by Thomas E. Ricks. Mr. Ricks is considered one of the most esteemed military journalists in the United States. He currently is a Pentagon correspondent for the Wall Street Journal.

He has won writing awards and has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

BODY: The book begins as most about the Corps, in the land that time forgot, Parris Island. It tells the story of Platoon 3086 from receiving through graduation and then the experiences of some the Marines once they have gone to Marine Corps Training and their first units.

For everyone that has experienced Boot Camp, the author describes the challenges of the men to become Marines. A point he brings out that is being taught to recruits and we do not understand, is when one Drill Instructor in IPTing a recruit and other recruits challenge the Drill Instructor's authority by going to the quarter deck with the recruit in trouble. The DI asks the recruits what they are doing and they tell the DI they are sticking up for their friend. This challenge of authority...