The Man Without a Face by Isabelle Holland

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Isabelle Holland was born June 16, 1920 in Basel. As a child she lived in Switzerland, Guatemala City and northern England. She attended private and boarding schools in England and started to write stories at the age of 13. During the World War II she was forced to move to New York City where she studied and worked in the publishing industry. Her first novel was published in 1967 and was written for an adult audience. Afterwards she wrote several novels for example "A Horse Named Peaceable", "The Island" or "The Man without a Face" which were intended for young adults. Isabelle Holland died last year at the age of 81 at a hospital in New York.

Main Characters:

Chuck Norstadt:

The main character of the book. A fatherless fourteen-year-old boy. He wants to leave his home and

attend at a military school called St. Matthew's, but he wasn't able to pass the entrance exam.

Justin McLeod:

A mysterious man with a scarred face. He has nicknames like "The Grouch" or "The

Man without a face". He helps Chuck to learn for the second entrance exam.


Chuck's big sister. She always messes him up and is one of the main reasons why he wants to leave his home.

Chuck's Mother:

Her hobby is marrying. When Chuck and Gloria argue, she always helps to Gloria, but when Chuck is

alone with her she seems to be a nice person.


Chuck's smaller sister. She's very intelligent, but she doesn't care much about her appearance.

Barry Rumbold:

He's called "the Hairball" and is the current husband of Chuck's Mother. Chuck doesn't talk with him very much.

The plot:

This book is about fourteen-year-old boy with the name Chuck Norstadt. He lives with his mother and two sisters in...