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Management and leadership are two entirely different things, however they are both critical for managers to posses. Good managers are not necessarily good leaders, but in most cases good leaders are effective managers. What is the difference between a manager and a leader? A manager is one who is responsible for routine tasks that must be completed in order for the organization to operate properly. These tasks require the manager to set plans and manage a budget for the plans set. Effective managers must perform the essential functions of management, which include planning, organizing, and controlling. These functions include structuring the organizations, staffing it with talented people, and monitoring the goals set for the company.

On the other hand, good leaders perform all the activities a manager is responsible for and set a vision for the company to achieve. Good leaders are able to carry an organization successfully through a change process to meet the visions set for the company.

They are able to inspire and motivate their people to attain the company's vision and overcome whatever challenges they may face along the way. Good leaders appreciate and inspire innovation, and set a path for the company to achieve long-term goals. Bateman and Snell (2003) state "It is to say that leadership involves unique processes that are distinguishable from basic management processes" (p. 368).

Another distinction is supervisory leadership versus strategic leadership. Supervisory leadership is when a manager provides guidance, support, and feedback for the day-to day routines of his or her team members. Strategic leadership adds purpose and importance to the organization. It involves predicating and envisioning a direction for the company to follow, and motivates change in the organization to meet the goals set for the future of the company.

Effective leaders posses many valuable traits, such as...