A Mans Only Fear. Gilgamesh only fears death and because of this he becomes somewhat selfish in his journey to everlasting life

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A Mans Only Fear

Life is considered to be precious and something to be treasured. Individuals spend their lives looking for people to share it with whether it is with a friend or with a spouse. Life is often taken for granted until one is exposed to death. Death is feared by many because of the questions that go unanswered. There is no way of knowing what death is like since when someone dies they cannot come back to tell the story. Gilgamesh took life for granted before Enkidu was created. Before Enkidu, Gilgamesh lived pretty much alone. Once he had someone to share his experiences with Gilgamesh began to appreciate life more and was forever changed. Then, Enkidu was taken from him by death; Gilgamesh was forced to face his biggest fear, death. Since death scares Gilgamesh he searches for everlasting life, and although he is not able to live forever he lives on through the retelling of his story, and art.

The obsession with death comes to Gilgamesh when he realizes it is the one thing that will defeat him, the one thing no one can protect him from, and will ultimately be inevitable.

Gilgamesh could not be touched since he was protected by gods and part god himself. He was aware that there was no one like him on earth. Due to the fact that Gilgamesh was so unique, he lived in isolation from the town. Gilgamesh found himself this way since he could not connect with anyone else. He would take advantage of women for the fun of it and because there was nothing else to do. The towns' people wanted the Gods to create a rival for Gilgamesh so he had something to occupy his time and leave them alone. Gilgamesh lived carefree with...