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Marketers use various and different media vehicles to demonstrate the uniqueness and superiority of a particular brand or generic thing. There use to be several commercials from Ronco/Ron Popeil offering a knife that could slice, dice, cut through a brick, and then smoothly slice a tomato, the knife was not sold in stores and had to be ordered over the phone. This Ronco commercial and others spoke of wonderful products that could grow hair, slim fast, energize, revitalize, enlarge, shrink, color, un-cola and zoom, zoom, zoom and what could be "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman". Commercials are just a part of some overall marketing plan which is analogous to a spider's web; commercials are created to capture as many consumers as possible in the simple artistry of words, sights and sounds. Marketing executives, managers, and minions work to develop strategies that capture the imagination of certain parts of a population.

Get the product on the lips of the public, but there is more. Marketers must develop a strategy that blend four "P's", Product, Place, Promotion and Price enabling greatest penetration of the product's message while targeting specific consumer demographics.

William J. Schroer, publisher of the "Social Librarian" provides the following to describe the four "P's" in term of Library operations.


The product is the library and the services that it provides however, the Social Librarian provides that "...the product can be "food, ball bearings or library service, the marketing function is integrally tied to the "product" (Schroer, 2003).

Place - The actual location and library facilities to include other locations and public library assets. "Lack of unlimited resources always requires careful consideration of distribution issues. In the case of libraries, it means facilities... bookmobiles, storefront sites, etc. "Place" also includes the aspects of distribution...