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· 1) Executive Summary

· 2) Introduction

2.1) Competitive position

2.2) Amazon's mission

2.3) Corporation objectives

2.4) Marketing objectives

· 3) Environmental Scan

3.1) TOWS framework

3.2) Micro environment - Porter's 5 Forces

3.3) Competitive analysis

3.4) Marco environment

· 4) Customer behavioural patterns

· 5) Segmenting, Positioning and Targeting

· 6) The supply chain management

· 7) Existing marketing mix

GE Matrix

7.1) Product Line

7.2) Partnership

7.3) Price

7.4) Advertising

7.5) Services

· 8) Marketing Strategy

8.1) Porter's generic strategic

8.2) Ansoff Matrix

· 9) Recommendations in strategies

· 10) Evaluation and Control

· 11) Conclusion

· 12) Appendix

1) Executive Summary has a leading edge in the e-commerce world. It has a strong competitive advantage. However, as with many online retailers, there are certain aspects of conducting business over the web that creates difficulties and the need of marketing planning.

This marketing plan consists of environmental scan, customer behavioural patterns, current segment market, marketing strategies and recommendations in strategies.

2) Introduction is the largest online retailer. The company opened its virtual doors in July 1995 by Jeff Bezos in Seattle. Since then it has enjoyed rapid expansion in all aspects of its operations, including business turnover, and a spectacular rise in share value since public floatation in 1997. sells only on-line and is essentially an information broker. has constantly growing database of over 12 million customers in more than 160 countries. is the place to find and discover anything customers want to buy online. They have earth's biggest selection of products, including millions of books, free electronic greeting cards, online auctions, videos, CDs, DVDs, toys, games, electronics, kitchenware, computers, and more.

2.1) Competitive position

- is the biggest on-line international retail store in the world

- Strong in-house internet technology...