Marketing Strategy Analysis of Coca Cola

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As a marketing consultant, working for Coca-Cola, you are required to provide them with a report based on your analysis of the situation highlighted in the attached report form the Guardian newspaper and your own research.

Your report should cover the following areas;

A marketing audit of their business

One new marketing objective for Coco-Cola. You should indicate the actions the company would have to undertake for the next twelve months to achieve this objective



This report serves as a comprehensive marketing audit of Coca-Cola. This audit examines the internal and external operating environment, the varied strengths, weaknesses, and other market forces driving change at Coca-Cola. To effectively conduct this analysis several tools and techniques were used to thoroughly examine the environment. They include:

P.E.S.T and SPICC Analysis, which was used to examine the external environment.

4 P'S of Marketing and McKinsey 5 S which examine the internal environment, and;

S.W.O.T Analysis

Additionally consideration of the market size, structure and current trends were analysed to make informed recommendations.


The objective of this marketing audit is;

To review the current marketing environment of Coca-Cola and prepare recommendations to improve Coca-Cola's market share and competitive advantage.

Utilise the results of the audit to create at least one new marketing objective for Coca-Cola.



Having examined the political, economic, social and technological trends, useful information was generated for a strategy formulation, at Coca-Cola. The following represents a summary of the findings: (Refer to appendix 1 for definition of PEST Analysis).


Manufacturers of soft drinks are increasingly guarded by legislation affecting health and safety. It is now mandatory that ingredients must be clearly labelled and an increasing amount of additives are not allowed. Coco- Cola must adapt to meet changing legislative requirements.

There has...