Master Harold and the Boys

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Melissa Valencia

Mrs. Phillips

Moral Issues in World Lit./1

5 September 2014

A Homemade Kite

In Master Harold and the boys written by Athol Fugard, the image of a white boy flying a kite with a black man is incredibly powerful.

Despite the color of their skin, Hally and Sam build a considerate and compassionate relationship with each other. The depression that Hally was going through with his father didn't make Sam feel very well, so he made him a kite. Hally had this kite that he could fly in the air, it was something he could look up to and feel proud of. Hally was a bit embarrassed of the kite at first, "I was shit scared that we were going to make fools or ourselves… I was praying quietly that there wouldn't be any other kids around to laugh at us" (29). Hally thought that the kite would not fly due to how Sam had made it.

"Tomato box wood and brown paper! Flour and water for glue! Two of my old mothers stockings for a tail, and then all those bits a pieces…" Sam made the effort to do something for Hally in which he figured would put a smile on his face. And it did. Hally was happier than ever knowing that what Sam had made actually worked. Sam and Hally's successful kite construction represents a society where races can function together effectively in peace.

After Hally receives a phone call from his mother to let him know that his father will be coming home, Hally gets very frustrated and controlling. Hally is acting out of anger toward his father not being there. It would humiliate him when his father would get belligerent drunk and Hally would have to ask Sam if he...