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Henchard's Will in, The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy in most respects is illegitimate and should not be accepted. Most of the requests on Henchard's part is excluding his only family member, if you look at Elizibeth- Jane's response to this "That Elizibeth- Jane Farfrae be not told of my death, or made to grieve on account of me"(Pg 251 Ln 20-21) ,you realize how wrong that request really is. "O I would have minded so much if it had been not for my unkindness at that last parting" (Pg. 251 Ln. 33-34), by the given response we realize how much Elizibeth really cared for her father even in his death and his last parting. Obviously it would be a wrong and awful thing to hold his only daughter and loving family member not to know of his death, the request is radically insane and only made stupidly out of anger.

The most fanatic of all of these requests made is that no man remember him. In this request we realize that he is just venting his anger and that obviously it would be unjust and also unlawful for the request to be set. Because of his obvious state of mind and because that request is just not possible we realize that the will can't be finalized and that it would be impossible to follow that statement. " That no sexton be asked to toll the bell & that nobody is wished to see my body" (Pg.251 Ln. 27-28), is obviously wrong and even racist. Henchards radical attitude toward the will bring up two main reasons why the will can't be followed. One, because of it racist and insane requests that are not lawfully permitted, and two, it would be impossible and even horrible on any account to hold your only family away from knowing. Obviously because of the reasons stated it would be impossible as well as illegal to follow Michael Henchard's will, therefore Michael Henchard can not be given the right to deserve any of the requests on his will.

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