Melana Marchetta's "Looking for Alibrandi", "The Conciliation" and "The National Picture" from the stimulus book.

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Change is a paradoxical notion, which involves the conflict between internal indecision and external influences. It is a process of transition achieved through the mechanisms of reflection, self-evaluation and learning. Change can be embraced or feared, but the consequences of change must inevitably be dealt with. This is the salient factor of change that is responsible for shifts in perspective, as it facilitates greater knowledge and understanding, which broadens our current perspectives and influences our attitudes, values and behaviour. A heightened understanding of the concept of change can be gained through the deconstruction of texts such as Melana Marchetta's Looking for Alibrandi, The Conciliation and The National Picture from the stimulus book, Peter Skrzynecki's "Postcard" and "10 Mary Street" from the Immigrant Chronicle, and a 1996 satirical cartoon by Randy Glasbergen. Through these texts we are able to see that change is not merely an emotional and physical journey, but a societal, cultural, technological, scholastic, inter-personal and a psychosomatic one as well.

The novel "Looking for Alibrandi" by Melena Marchetta is an autobiographical work of fiction about Josephine Alibrandi, a Catholic girl, in her final year of high school. As the year progresses Josie alters her perspective on many issues including her culture, family, own identity, and the importance of social standing and wealth. The causes of these changes are internal, external and a combination of the two. Josie expresses her wish to be emancipated, to be free from cultural judgment and the boundaries of social class. By the end of the novel she realises that she has been emancipated, not by one single event, but by her experiences throughout the entire year. One such example is Josie's perspective of her grandmother, which changes from viewing her as a nagging old women, to having a loving, caring, respectful relationship with...