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There was a time, many years ago, when I believed that Metallica was one of, if not the best, metal bands to ever exist. While I agree with critics that their recent albums suck, their short hair cuts and MTV fashion attempts failed miserably, and they have sold out in a way that would make Rage Against The Machine proud, I was still willing to forgive them because of what they once were. All of that has changed now. I will no longer forgive this pathetic band that now lives under the name Metallica. The time has come for fans, ex-fans, and any netizen, even if you've never heard of the band, to let these ungrateful "artists" know what we think of their recent attempt to fuck the very people who made them multimillionaires.

eToys stock has dropped from over $85 a share to under $5 a share as a direct result of their attempt to take on eToy.

Apparently Metallica learned nothing from history, and so they must be taught. Let there be no mistake, they will learn and they will pay. We're calling for a worldwide boycott of all things Metallica, as well as a proactive attack on the band in the form of letters and e-mail to the band, their label, management, friends, family, fans, newsgroups, websites, and anyone else associated with them. We do not advocate any illegal activities, but we believe that intelligent people will take action that they believe is within their rights to let the band know that they are dead wrong on this issue. I fully expect that Metallica can be convinced of their error. In the same way that eToys backed down, so too will these ingrates. It has begun Taken from