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Book Report On "Airframe" Three people are dead and fifty-six people are injured. The interior cabin is virtually destroyed, but the pilot manages to land the plane. The book Airframe by Michael Crichton is about a frantic investigation to find out what, or who, might of caused this accident and why. It was all so sudden and just happened for no reason and nobody knew why.

One lesson that this book taught me was never jump to conclusions that might not be true, but to take the time to prove what you think. In the book John Marder jumped to the wrong conclusion and Casey took the time to find the real answer. "See Marder when you take your time you get it right".

I love mystery and action and airplanes and this book had it all, and this book held my interest pretty much the whole way through.

This book was a complete mystery it had me stumped the whole way through and I love that feeling of suspense.

I also love authors that really express the characters mood or feeling by using slang, and unexpected words. "I warned you, I didn't want bad parts. You fucked this one to death, Jennifer. We'll talk Monday." I don't like them because of the swearing but I just think it is a good way to express something really important.

The ending was nothing that you thought it would be, and I liked that. I will read more books from this author because of how good this book was. I would recommend this to everyone that does not mind reading long books. The book "Airframe" was the best book I have ever read. I rate it a 10.