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The Mini Disc Player is making a mass appeal through large audiences, and still growing. With its inability to skip, lightweight, and compactness, the Mini Disc Player is appealing to those on the move. Some examples are mountain bikers, roller bladers, hikers, etc. The sound quality is very good, no matter where you are; on a mountain, down in a valley, anywhere! The Mini Disc Player is very attractive to the younger audience. Kids, ranging from 12-20, are buying into this technological advancement, because they love technology, downloading, and having all of their favorite songs without having to go to the store to buy another compact disc. Downloading your favorite songs for $2.99 a month is very inexpensive. You also get your favorite songs, without buying a complete record, with songs you may not like.

The older audience, ranging 35-65, are making less of an effort for the Mini Disc Player, especially those that do not carry knowledge of the computer and Internet. The Mini Disc Player is not appealing to those who spend most of their time at home or in the office. In my perspective, these people didn't even care to read reviews on this hot item.

It is said that there are over 50 million users worldwide. It is taking the world by storm, and ready to make the cd player look like a record player. As the new generation is growing, the new Mini Disc Player will follow. If you love music, love to be on the go, or would like to have your favorite songs, rather than a cd with 10 songs and only one you like, then I suggest this item to you. It is easy, and very inexpensive. The unit itself is expensive, ranging around $200. It is well worth its price, because as you start downloading for $2.99 a month, any song you want, you get the satisfaction of not having to pay $15 for that new song you love.