Misery By Stephen King

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Being brought back from a near death situation is how the novel opens. A writer named Paul Sheldon is the person being brought back. He doesn't know where he is until a big, thick woman wakes him up. The woman is Annie Wilkes, his "Number One Fan".

Paul Sheldon, a male writer who has had a string of widely successful novels about a heroine by the name of Misery Chastaine, finds himself in a small darkened room with both of his legs shattered, a dislocated pelvis, and a crushed knee. Later Paul recalls what had happened to him. He had just finished his latest Misery novel, the one in which he kills her off. Once accomplishing this he proudly screams, "Free at Last!" while celebrating in his hotel room with a few bottles of Dom Perignon (13). He decides to take a road trip, even though the weather isn't too good, he believes his Camaro can handle it.

Still induced with the expensive wine his body he get into an accident.

What Sheldon didn't count was being rescued by Annie Wilkes, his once again, "Number One Fan". The accident that Paul's bad judgement on weather and heavy intoxication thus the tale of his capture and terror. Annie saves him from the car and takes him to her home, in an isolated farm area away from human contact, she kept him a boy would keep a pet hamster, alone.

Annie Wilkes is an ex-nurse who is handy with controlled substances and other instruments of abuse, she has a psychopathic and delusional mind, and a child's view of what is right and what is wrong; everything she odes is right, and everything else is wrong. All that added to she has a horrible temper, when she gets angry, it...