This is a monolouge which when I performed it I got full credit for the assignment.

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I like to come out at night, you know, on a cool night like this when the sky is perfectly clear. I like to sit down, get real still, and just feel how big it all is. The sky just seems to go on forever and ever - deep, dark, and mysterious, with millions of stars and planets.

Sometimes I feel so small, like, what difference can it possibly make that I'm here, and why am I sitting in my backyard on planet Earth. I wonder if there's anybody out there like me, wondering the same thing? Hmmm... Wonder how you say "hello" in Morse Code? Dot-dot-dash. Short-short-long. Our science teacher said something about light waves traveling faster than sound and going on and on forever. I think I might need something bigger than a flashlight to really communicate though.

In the old days, before the world was all explored you could just put a message in a bottle and somebody a continent away would pick it up.

That was an universe away in those days, but you can't do that anymore. The world is too big and way too complicated.

I heard there is a lot of trash in space already from people sending up satellites, balloons, and other experimental stuff. We're trying to communicate all right, but we are trashing the great unknown before we get to even explore it.

You know, on nights like this, I just wish I could just stay a kid forever, live out in the mountains where the sky is as big as the ocean and people don't bother each other as much. Everything would be a lot quieter. (Slower; look up) Every night, I'd sit on the back porch (Deep breath) and look up at the stars... until my mother called me in that is. Got to go now, it's suppertime.

**There is nothing that goes along with it, just over do it when performing!**