Mormons Move West

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Joseph Smith was born in Sharon Vermont, on December 23, 1805 and grew up on a New England farm. When he was 15, he claimed that Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him not to join another church, but to be ready for a task. In 1827, Smith claimed that an angel named Moroni came to him and gave him gold plates. Those gold plates were supposedly in an ancient western language about Gods' other doings, in which Smith latter translated into the "Book of Mormon". On April 6th, 1830 Joseph Smith founded the Church Of Latter-Day Saint, on the doctrines of the "Book of Mormon" and the Bible. Joseph Smith remained the Church president until his death on June 27, 1844, by an angry mob while in a Carthage, Illinois Jail.

The Mormons believe the Bible is God's book, but they also believe the Bible is an incomplete record of the doings and miracles that god performed.

These beliefs are some what different and the same as other Christians doctrines. Mormons believe God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. They practiced polygamy (more than one wife at the same time), until the Supreme Court ruled it illegal in 1890. The Mormons also think there is life after death, and all people will be judged according to their good deeds to get into heaven or hell. The Mormons believe these doctrines, because Joseph Smith was a very convincing person. Many thought he was a true evangelist.

From the beginning Mormons were outcasts of the Christian and non-Christian communities, mainly for their belief of polygamy, and their strong stand on the anti-slavery issue. Many Mormon homes were looted and burnt to the ground, some of the Church leaders were even put...